Poll Workers needed

Created by: Beth -- Sunday, March 13, 2022

Now is the time to make the schedule for the poll workers and drop off materials to the 6AM volunteers!   

Date & Time Needed  -  April 5  6AM-7PM

The locations are:

Hillcrest Community Center 10401 Hillcrest Road
Concord Church 11050 West Longview Parkway
Evangel Church 1414 East 103rd Street
United Believers Church 5600 East 112th Terr
Yellow Rock barn 8307 Westridge Road
St. Catherine's Parish 105th & Grandview Rd
Grandview Community of Christ 12600 Byars Rd, Grandview
Grandview Alternative School 13007 10th Street

 Please use the volunteer link or call 816-510-4845 to schedule your time & location!

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Paid for by Beth Boerger for CSD1 School Board, Teresa Edens, Treasurer.

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